Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Tuesday 21st April – “Healthy” Treats

The government is proposing to extend the lockdown until 9th May. We will find out tomorrow if passed by congress but I think it will be. Let’s hope we can start to wind it down soon. Apparently, children under 14 are to be let out accompanied by an adult but we don’t, as yet, know the details. I so want to go out for a walk – I might have to borrow a dog or a child:)

Project bedroom continues. There is a pillar on one side of our bedroom (apparently, it houses a pipe!) so we can’t remove it but now that we have removed the fitted wardrobes, the room looks odd. “Don’t worry” says Andy. “I’ll just build a pillar on the other side to match”…..and he did!

After seeing the delicious looking cakes my son had made, Andy decided that he needed cake too!. I agreed but decided we needed something maybe a bit more healthy, however I refused to make banana bread – I didn’t want to be a “lockdown cliché” like Shani….so I made banana muffins instead:))

Mum has finished her the last of her “four seasons” jigsaws. This is Winter

She has some new ones lined up to do so that will keep her busy