Sellers’ Tips

Selling your Property in Spain

When choosing an agent to represent the sale of your property, it can be difficult to decide who to use and trust. It is often hard to differentiate between agents by just looking at their website.

There are a large number of companies in the Real Estate Industry on the Costa del Sol, all trying to do the same thing! 

  • Firms that are well – established and have been in the industry for a number of  years
  • New firms that come in when the market picks up and exit as soon as the market dips again. 1400 new Real Estate Agents opened in 2017 -2018 on the Costa del Sol.

How do I select an Agent?

  1. Experience counts for a lot. When selecting an agency, make sure they understand the market well.  If they have made it through the crisis, that is often proof enough that they are well established.
  2. Location – what Geographic area does an agency cover?  Ensure that your property falls into that zone.  If an agent is closeby, they will be able to schedule more viewings and able to do them quickly and efficiently.  They will also have local market expertise. Choose an agent that focuses on the specific area where your property is located rather than an agent that tries to cover the whole coast.
  3. Marketing – find out what marketing the agency undertakes. Often it is quality and not quantity that counts.  Does the agency work with other agents in other areas? Is the agent part of a property sharing system (MLS)?  Does the agent use property portals?
  4. Rapport and Trust – Often Real Estate Agents get poor press. It is important to select an agent that you can work with. It is good to be able to bounce your ideas with the agent. Check out any reviews on google or facebook.


Should I select more than one Agency to represent my Property?

Again, quality not quantity counts. You could list your property with every agent along the coast but this does not necessarily mean your property will sell any quicker. It will guarantee you stress and being bombarded by non-qualified buyers . It is better to choose 1 agent who can focus more attention to your property. If the agent is part of the MLS system then your property is seen by many agents but you have the security of knowing that viewings are controlled and monitored by one agent. 

What can I do to ensure the process goes smoothly?


  • Preparation is Key. “Fail to prepare then prepare to fail” Ensure that all the correct paperwork is in place for your property. You do not want to find a buyer, then discover your property is not properly registered. 


  • Be aware of and take into account the costs and taxes involved in selling a property. A good agent will be able to advise you on these costs.


  • Decide from the beginning what the sale will include, for example, are you selling the property furnished and if so, what furniture is included. It’s a good idea to prepare an inventory and then all is clear between buyer and seller

Presentation wins

First impressions count. Not every house can look like a show home but it’s amazing what a bit of decluttering and a lick of paint can achieve. Try to de- personalise a house so that a future buyer does not feel they are stepping into someone else’s life, but instead can visualise their future life there. Where possible try to ensure the outside areas to the property, particularly the entrance areas are kept presentable. 

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay