Shani’s Lockdown Diary – Monday 20th April – An unexpected Visitor and The Collective

We had a visitor today -Andrew was on the phone and suddenly I heard him say, I will call you back, I can see a snake in my garden’. We all ran to have a look – and the girls and I screamed! It was so long and literally outside our kitchen door.  Watch the video to see the snake and our reaction- Andrew freaked us all out by saying.. ‘Imagine if you were out there sunbathing and this snake slithered on you’ – the sheer thought!!! What an adventure during the lockdown.

It seems that whilst we are in lockdown the animals are starting to come out and get more adventurous – first Andrew saw a fox whilst throwing rubbish and now a snake. Not sure what type of snake it is but I think it could be a garter snake. If any of you know, please let me know!

I had another major highlight today when my ‘English family’ in the UK – ok so I will explain… When I was a young girl I attended a boarding school in England.  My best friend’s family took me under their wing and I spent lots of my exeats with them.  Still to this day, we are in touch and last year they actually came to Spain to visit.  So they are a second family to me – ‘My English Family!’ Well, yesterday my best friend’s Dad sent me this link.  He is very musical and is part of this amazing virtual choir, ‘The Collective’ – there are people from 13 different countries.  Here they are singing, ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’. Over a few weeks, they did 100 online rehearsals and the final version is made up of 204 recordings! Such an amazing project. Check it out! Over 20 participants were from Spain! It is really beautiful and very emotional and brought a tear to my eye! Despite the turbulence outside, it is very heartwarming to see people come together like this to bring strength and love to so many.