Behind the Scenes at Hamilton Homes, Spain

Be a Fly on the Wall at Hamilton Homes

  • Want to discover how Hamilton Homes came to be?
  • Want to find out about Andrew and Shani Bacarese-Hamilton?
  • Why did they set up a Real Estate Business in Spain 17 years ago?
  • What have been their biggest challenges?
  • Do they have any key tips can they give to people wanting to set up on their own?
  • What are their next steps?
  • Finally, what does their daughter, Tara – a student studying Marketing and Management at the University of Bath, think of it all? Will she follow in their footsteps?

Be a fly on the wall at Hamilton Homes and discover what it’s like to own a family business. Watch this short video below to get behind the scenes at Hamilton Homes, Spain.

What do Shani and Andrew think?

“Our daughter, Tara started asking us these questions for a project she was doing on entrepreneurship and we actually found the whole interview a really interesting process. Actually, at this time of COVID-19, it helped to focus us”, explained Andrew.

He further explained, “Shani and I have been discussing our future strategy, looking at innovation in our business and this just acted as a good foundation. We thought it would be interesting to share this with you.”

“I really enjoyed doing this – I especially loved that it took the whole family to make this video. My daughter, Natasha, designed the intro and outro, and it kind of highlights how we, as a family, have combined our skills during this lockdown”, Shani explained.

She added that “additionally, the interview inspired me. We have been through so many peaks and troughs together but we have also been resilient.”

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