I am a lockdown cliché! Shani’s Lockdown Diary – Wednesday 15th April

I woke up this morning full of energy. Andrew and I decided to take Debbie’s advice – on one of her blogs she said she was doing a Joe Wicks workout and recommended it.  So we decided it was time to get up and do some cardio exercise.  It was really great – we did a half-hour full fitness work out and by the end of it we were soaking. Oh my gosh – we are so unfit – I really hate those mountain climbers or whatever you call them!! So now, I am sitting at my desk aching. I like to think it is a good ache.

Quiz: How much of a lockdown cliché are you?

I found this funny quiz on Metro UK – you answer the questions and it tells you whether you are a real lockdown cliché .. I didn’t realise such a thing existed until I found myself recognising so many of the traits – things like, ‘have you made banana bread?’ Uhhh well yes – I actually thought it was original!! I guess not. ):  And yes doing a Joe Wicks workout was on the list!! As was using google zoom… dare I go on? I can see Michael Mcintyre coming up with a fabulous new sketch around Covid19 lockdown.   Why not try the quiz – it is quite entertaining! Here is a link!