Roast dinners are back!!

Even though we live in Spain, some English traditions just have to continue and  a Sunday Roast is one of them. However, even this tradition has to take a break from June to September as its simply too hot to have the oven on at all, let alone during the middle of the day! I have a rule in my kitchen during the summer; if it takes longer than half an hour to cook it, we don’t have it!!!  The nearest my lot get to a Sunday roast during the summer is a chicken, roasted very early on a Sunday morning so the oven is off by 9.30 at the latest, which is then served cold later in the day with a salad.

Anyway, I decided that as it is now mid October, they deserved a proper Sunday lunch, even though it was still 27º.  Roast chicken with all the trimmings was served and 4 clean plates proved that it went down very well!!


Many of the “English” bars and restaurant in Sabinillas and Duquesa serve Sunday lunch throughout the year and many have a set price for 2 or 3 courses ranging from €7 to €20.