Terra Sana, La Cañada, Marbella

On a diet or just trying to be healthy before Christmas comes around again?  Well, Terra Sana has just opened in La Cañada and offers a tasty but healthy option to those looking to have a quick bite there.  It is now easier to walk past the  KFC and Burger King, as Terra Sana does offer some great options at reasonable prices.

In the past, fast food was a cheap option and would really draw us in – however if you want a decent meal in Burger King, you are looking at  spending about 7 euros a head.  Terra Sana, in contrast offers large portions for little over 8 euros.  I think one’s health is definitely worth that extra Euro!

We tried out a few of their menu options and I have to say I really enjoyed the Californian wrap.  The salad is good too but the wraps definitely won me over.  The portions were a good size.  My friend and I shared a large salad and a wrap and were quite nicely satisfied! The wrap in the photo before is only half of the whole portion!

Sometimes healthy eating can get a bit tedious as often salads seem the only option.  As the weather gets colder it is nice to have warm, healthy options.  Terra Sana have seemed to have bridged that gap.

Tikka Salad And Wrap Terra Sana

Click here for a copy of the Terra Sana Menu

The restaurant is located quite close to Alcampo (so a good stop off before you do that big supermarket shop)!  The telephone number is  952 868 663.

For more information on Terra Sana, please check out the link below.