Debbie’s Lockdown diary – 29th – 31st May – Lets meet up!!

I was chatting to Shani last week and we both decided that we felt ready to meet up so we set a date for Friday. We’ve been in contact throughout lockdown via video calls but I was very excited to be able to see Andrew & Shani in the flesh!

I decided to bake some muffins to take with me – have to keep the boss happy :)))) so I got up early and got cooking (This 8am baking is becoming a habit:)) and made some banana and chocolate chip muffins – part healthy and it was dark chocolate!! Andrew was very happy!!

It was so lovely to chat to Shani face to face and enjoy a coffee (well maybe 2 coffees) together. We did keep our social distance at all times though.

On Saturday Andy and I went down to the large paint shop in Sabinillas to see if we could choose a colour for our bedroom walls. You couldn’t walk around the shop so we just asked to see a colour chart. We choose 4 that we liked and I asked if they did “Tester pots” – err no – the smallest pot they did cost 11.50€ so to get all four would have been 46€ – that’s the cost of a large tin of paint which we’d need to paint the room! Needless to say, we didn’t bother. Once the wallpaper arrives (no, it still hasn’t arrived!!) we’ll just take it to the shop and match it then!

Talking of project bedroom, Andy got fed up with waiting, so he decided to lay the wooden floor. It looks fab – he’s done a great job – but he always does a great job!!

Wooden floor lockdown manilva

Floor project bedroom lockdown diary manilva

He also put the skirting on but this still needs to be painted – when we get the paint  – when the wallpaper arrives!!!

Cat decided she needed to inspect Daddy’s work – she seemed impressed :))

Cat wooden floor lockdown manilva

The weather on Sunday took a turn for the worse. We managed to get our walk around the village done in the morning before the clouds came over. By 12.00 it was pretty dark and by 1pm we had thunder, lightning and rain!!! The temperature on Saturday had been 27º, on Sunday it was 19º!! Back to fluffy slippers:)))

I don’t know what it is but when the weather is wet, , my smaller cat goes crazy – it must be a change in the air pressure or something!! She was running up and down the stairs at full speed making a very strange sound then round the living room and back up the stairs!! She then decided she wanted to go out so started meowing at the front door. I did tell her it was raining and she really wouldn’t want to go out but did she listen – No!! :)) So, out she went, and 2 minutes later was meowing to come back in – see I told her she didn’t want to be out in the rain – Stupid cat!! The other cat (my big boy) took a much more chilled out approach to the weather. I had grabbed in the cushions that were on the terrace furniture as it started raining and just thrown them on the floor by the patio door. He decided that they made a perfect “bed”…

Sunday was also my daughter’s birthday – 26 years – Now I feel old!!! When she was younger, we always held her birthday parties at home and it generally included time in the pool with her friends. In all the years we’ve lived in Spain, I don’t think it’s ever rained on her birthday!! We had a lovely family Skype call to wish her a happy birthday. It was also dull and wet in Madrid (where she lives), however, in the UK, Mum and Dad were sitting in the garden in glorious sunshine!!

Whilst we were chatting, I noticed Mum’s hair looked shorter. “Has the hairdresser been round” I asked. “Ah no”, said Mum “there’s a story here…” She told us that she had been in the garden, cutting back a large shrub (Mum has always been great at gardening – unfortunately, I didn’t inherit the talent!) when she suddenly got fed up with her hair keep falling in her face and decided to cut it herself!! In fairness, it looked ok. She asked Dad to cut the back to match the sides – we didn’t get a back view so not sure how good a job Dad did but Mum was happy which is all that matters!

Speaking of Mum, another jigsaw completed. This is called “Snow in London City”.

Mum has one more to do – we are all trying to think of another hobby for her!