Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Thursday 23rd April -Time to clear out

Have just realised that Andy will also have a “lockdown” birthday this year. I will have to plan a special dinner or maybe we can treat ourselves to a takeaway from one of the local restaurants offering this service. I think that everyone who has a birthday during Lockdown should be allowed to have another “official” birthday, like the Queen, once we can go out to celebrate properly.

Many people are using this time to have a good sort out and get rid of unwanted stuff. We were having a skype catch up a few days ago with some friends in the UK and they told us that they had cleared the garage and the loft. They could see the loft floor for the first time in years and could now finally move in the garage. They calculated that they had accumulated 30 years worth of stuff – they filled two skips!! That’s what you call a clear out!!

I didn’t go to that extreme – but I did clear out my freezer in the garage :)) It desperately needed defrosting – it had got to the stage where I couldn’t open some of the drawers! I did find a few plastic cartons that had lost their labels – was it soup, pasta sauce, or Chill con carne?? Oh well, let’s defrost it and see – sure we can find a use for it!! I managed to clear space in my freezer in the kitchen and put what I wanted to keep in there temporarily, put some towels in front of the garage freezer and switched it off. This morning, I had a frost free freezer so was able to move everything back and it’s now ready for me to re-fill with more meals – I always make double of most meals – eat half then freeze the other half so you have a ready-made meal for another day! Oh, by the way, the mystery dish was soup – so that was today’s lunch!

I went to Mercadona again today. They seem to have sorted out the supply problems now and had nearly everything in stock – apart from disposable gloves – they are like gold dust at the moment! oh, and cheese – must have been a rush on English Cheddar this week :)). Quick question – has anyone out there got any ideas how you are supposed to get the plastic bags, (into which you put your fruit and veg,) open whilst wearing the plastic gloves that Mercadona insist you wear (quite rightly of course). It’s quite amusing in the fruit and veg section, watching everyone trying to open the bags by various methods!