Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Weekend 18th – 19th April – Another Lockdown weekend

I’ve lost count of how many weekends we have now been in lockdown – is it 3, 4 or 5?? Despite the forecast being cloudy with showers, the weather fairy decided to be nice to us and it was actually sunny and rather warm for most of Saturday and all of Sunday.

The “cat alarm” woke us quite early on Saturday. I got up to feed her and then went back to bed but couldn’t get back to sleep  – There are 2 alarm settings on my phone – Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday so you can have different alarms set or can deactivate the alarm altogether – I need to work out how to deactivate the cat’s weekend alarm! :))

Once up and after a quick breakfast, Andy was keen to get on with Project Bedroom. I decided it was a waste of time cleaning the house as he was just going to make more dust anyway, so I had a catch up call with my son then caught up with some admin work I had to do. Admin has always been my task – Andy says I’m just so good at it that he leaves it to me:) We play to our strengths – as I said, I’m hopeless at DIY!:)) I also completed my task for the weekend and we found the wallpaper for the feature wall – actually, I confess, Andy found it, but it was in budget and I liked it and I was the one who ordered it…so my task was completed:)). As for Project Bedroom – we now have a fully soundproofed false wall!

He’s also moved two sockets and done something with the wiring…but I wasn’t going to ask for details – would have been wasted on me anyway – I do know that the red tubes have something to do with it – maybe I’m learning something after all?:))

Later in the evening, my son sent me photos of what he and his girlfriend had made during the afternoon.

So not fair!! – I’ve told him they need to bring some with them when they can finally come back to visit us.

On Sunday, we had a family “house-party” call. We thought we’d try this app and play a few games together. I did have to spend 45 minutes on the phone to my mum beforehand though, talking her through step by step, how to download the app and set up her account:)) It was good fun and I have to say, the reception and picture quality was probably the best we have found so far.

Time to top up my vitamin D levels – I think we will all need supplements once this is over! I set up my sunlounger on the terrace and enjoyed a couple of hours sunbathing and reading. Later in the evening, as rain was forecast yet again for tomorrow, I went out to bring in the sun lounger but my other cat – having decided it was now his turn, had other ideas!!