Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Thursday 16th April – Very Happy Hubby

I have a very happy husband – well there is a slight niggle but more about that later.

Andy called me on his way home from work and said that he was going to pop into our local builder’s merchants,  Ortega Aviles in Sabinillas, on his way home to see if there was any possibility of getting the other materials we needed for project bedroom on the now, infamous “list”. To be honest, I wasn’t holding out much hope – if Monday’s experience was anything to go by when we just about managed to get cement! Normally, you can walk around the shop and pick up smaller items and, if you require larger items, you can simply point them out, you then pay for them and then pick them up in your car or arrange delivery. But, obviously, with all the Covid 19 safety measures in place, the system is very different. I wasn’t even sure if the shop was allowed to sell certain items!

Anyway, about half an hour later, Andy walks in the door with a huge grin on his face. ” All being delivered 10.00 tomorrow morning” he said!! I say “all” but he had left out a few bits (Didn’t want to push our luck too far!) but we have plasterboard and soundproofing so we can complete stage 2 and then lay the new floor (stage 3). At about 2.30pm, Ortegas called us and said ” can we deliver now, instead of tomorrow?” “mmm, let me think, I might be busy…of course you can!!” Even happier hubby! Project bedroom is well and truly back on!!

I did my weekly trip to the supermarket today. Anyone else find themselves buying more treats than normal. I’m normally quite good – maybe 1 bar of chocolate but today I threw 4 different bars into the trolly as well as 3 packets of biscuits and some magdalenas (small sponge cakes) – even the cats got an extra packet of treats:)) – oh well, might be a while before we need to be “beach ready” this year:)

Back to Andy’s slight niggle. Of course, now he’s got the materials he can’t wait to crack on – he’s up there as I write this, installing the frame for the soundproofing!!

Wall frame Ortega Sabinillas

So, once the floor is down – which at the rate he’s going, could be by the end of next week, the room will be ready to decorate. We’ve more or less decided on a colour scheme and definitely want a “feature wall” but we cannot agree on how we want the “feature wall”!  Wall panels, wallpaper, textured paint? Everything he has chosen so far, either I don’t like it or I decide it’s over budget!  So, my task for the weekend is to find something within budget that I like…..and hope that Andy likes it too!