Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Tuesday 14th April – We have cement!!

With the (very slight) lifting of lockdown on Monday in that certain non-essential workers could return to work, it meant that the builders merchants were allowed to open again. I feel that I must stress to anyone reading this in the UK, that we are still very much in Lockdown. The British media have been reporting that lockdown has been partially lifted in Spain but all that has happened is that, during the past 2 weeks, only essential workers have been allowed to work and now, anyone who couldn’t work for the past 2 weeks but was allowed to do so for the first 2 weeks of lockdown, can return to work as long as strict safety and social distancing measures are implemented.

Anyway, back to the cement. Armed with the list of materials we needed (what we had previously, unsuccessfully, tried to order from Leroy Merlin), Andy went to the local builders merchants where he always goes for his materials. Sometime later he returned home looking rather stressed. There were so many people at the builders merchants. Obviously they were only allowing a certain number of people in at a time and you couldn’t wander around the shop as before. I should mention that the shop was only open to tradesman – not the public – but it was still rammed!! Two weeks without access to materials (unless you can fathom out Leroy Merlin online system :)) was too much for most tradesman! Andy did manage to get the few bits he needed for work …and we got cement and plaster but not everything on the list by any means, but, at least for the moment, project bedroom is back on! More updates to follow.

On another note, Mum has finished autumn – just winter to do!