Ruth’s Lockdown Diary – Easter Saturday in Lockdown – The Firefighters in my building!

Holy Saturday of confinement- THE FIREFIGHTERS IN MY BLOCK !!!!!!!!

A few days ago my co-workers asked me to write a few lines about Easter on our blog.  To be honest, it is something that I really didn’t feel like doing. After all, this is all like groundhog day – what on earth did I have to share? However, something absolutely unexpected happened on Holy Saturday that I would like to share with you.

The Saturday of the Easter weekend was a day like any other. 8pm comes, the time for applause. I was in the kitchen.  Just at that moment, something unexpected happened. We heard sirens !!!! Under normal circumstances, it would be one more urban sound, but this time it broke with the silence of the street. Sara and I flew out onto the terrace as if someone were calling out for us. And there they were, the Fire Department, standing in the middle of the street with their sirens, their lights, and their uniforms, brightening up the afternoon for children and adults with their mere presence.

They got out of the truck, and, wrapped in applause, distributed firefighter hats to all the children who appeared on their balconies. From the street, they indicated for us to go down to the door of the urbanization to collect the hats. The lift took ages to come, so instead, Sara and I flew down the stairs in slippers and pajamas.

Picking up that valuable gift was so unexpected.  And there he was, a hero, in uniform delivering 2 hats from the fire department to Sara and the boy who lives downstairs. The look on their faces picking up the gift was truly worth remembering. Full of admiration and gratitude.



How could one of those plastic hats – ones that we do not even pay attention to at the local fairs, have been able to awaken that emotion in the little ones? Neither the PS4, nor the tablet, nor any fashionable Youtuber has managed to capture that expression on my daughter’s face in the last days. Weighing up the current lockdown situation we are in, I think it was necessary.  It made me stop and think ‘Wow’, they value the small things in life – money can’t buy everything!