Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Easter weekend 10th – 12th April

So we were about to face one of the strangest Easter’s we have ever seen – but it is what it is so we just have to make the most of it.

Good Friday dawned with a bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine (Finally!!) So after another nice hot bath (Yes, back is still painful!), I threw another load of laundry into the washing machine and made breakfast. It is traditional in the UK to eat Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday. I love them toasted with butter and jam- Yum!! I had thought about making Torrijas which is a typical Spanish Easter treat but they are flavored with cinnamon and Andy would not be impressed – he really doesn’t like cinnamon.

After breakfast Andy decided he needed to “self-isolate” again and disappeared into the garage – ok I won’t see him for 4 hours at least!!

The house needed tidying really but I decided that my need for Vitamin D was greater,( and rain was forecast yet again for next week)  so I popped on some shorts, set up a sun lounger on the terrace and dug out the book that I has started reading before Christmas but was always too tired to carry on reading. After so much dull weather, this was luxury. It was lovely to hear and see the neighbours on their terraces and the children enjoying being outside. After about an hour, I was getting a bit too hot and needed a cool drink and I thought I should check on hubby ( and do my “Tea” duty. I returned to my sunlounger with a refreshing Tinto Verano (Well it is Easter!)  to find this ….

I left her there and set up the other sunlounger..such a spoilt pusscat!!

Saturday morning started sunny but quickly turned cloudy again so I thought I  had better have a bit of a tidy up. There was dust everywhere thanks to all Andy’s DIY activities. He has finished the cabinet made from the old bed and is now in the process of cutting down the old doors from the fitted wardrobes in our room to fit the cupboard in the top room – more self-isolating and more dust!! Tell me again why I bothered to hoover!!

We had another “virtual” girls night on Saturday evening. We tried Zoom this time. It worked ok but you only get 40 minutes per call- still, was lovely to see everyone and catch up on the gossip:)

Easter Sunday arrived – cloudy again – and the Easter bunny had forgotten to deliver any chocolate eggs to my house!! Maybe he is in Lockdown too!!

Lovely family skype call later in the morning and this time, my brother, sister in law and my two nieces managed to join  – although my nieces only really lasted 15 minutes before they got bored and disappeared into the garden to play (Yes, it was still a gorgeous day in the UK!)..and the Easter bunny had got to their house:))