A Pensioner’s Perspective – Marion’s 80th Birthday

Our lovely Marion turned 80 yesterday. I was so touched by her blog about her birthday – how, despite her being alone, her day was actually very special – it bought a lump to my throat. Have a read and see if it has the same effect on you.

” I read my first birthday email at 6.30 a.m.(which was from Hamilton Homes). I opened some cards which had arrived early, I usually can’t wait to open cards, but I decided to be good and wait until today and am really glad I did. I am still waiting for “postman pat” to deliver today’s post – it’s actually a girl called Jane – so I am keeping my fingers crossed that maybe a few more of my friends will have remembered this historic day.  At least I made it, which I find quite hard to believe.  My daughter rang first thing to wish me a happy birthday and told me that she has arranged for a present to be delivered today, so I am waiting with bated breath with no idea of what to expect. Anyone would think I was 8 years old – not 80!

I haven’t decided what to cook for my birthday meal yet and just wish that I was able to share it with friends and family, but I am definitely going to open some wine, after all, there’s no worry about drinking and driving!

I have been trying to write this blog for at least a couple of hours now, as I have had lots of phone calls, emails and cards left on my doorstep, but my neighbour (Colette) across the road just called me to tell me to go to my front door and to my amazement when I opened the door, I was met by at least 15 neighbours, all standing in the drive ( a metre apart of course) who had come to wish me a happy birthday. There was a chocolate rabbit, a bottle of wine, an orchid, a posy of miniature tulips, a book and some notelets with envelopes. Also Colette’s husband, Andy, who plays in a local band, played happy birthday on his trumpet and everyone sang and gave me 3 cheers.  To say that I was speechless is an understatement and you know me, I’m never stuck for words, which probably drives everyone mad sometimes:).  It really was a wonderful surprise, standing there in the sunshine on my special day.  I think I am a very lucky girl to have such good friends and family and must say I appreciate all their kindness more than I can say.  They had obviously “cooked up” the surprise and I can honestly say, it really was amazing. I am only sorry that I couldn’t invite everyone in for a glass of wine, I think I will definitely have to try and do something to thank everyone properly once we are allowed out.