A Pensioner’s Perspective – Easter ourdoor Coffee Morning!

Here’s the latest post from Marion.  The Good Friday coffee morning and an early birthday present.

 “Our outside coffee morning was really good yesterday. Most of the avenue came out with deck chairs and drinks and we all sat at the bottom of our drives and chatted.  I did some baking and so took out a tray of jam tarts and left them on the garden wall so everyone could help themselves and they soon disappeared!  Baking is my thing, and it was a good excuse, as I really miss having someone to cook for. Gradually people began to walk up and down – social distancing of course. One of my neighbours came out with her husband and they were both sporting Easter Bonnets, complete with small yellow chickens, flowers and bits of greenery. It was a really good atmosphere and having such a beautiful sunny day helped enormously. All the blossom trees are in full bloom now and of course, the gardens are looking their best with spring flowers.  It really is a lovely time of the year and despite the worrying times we are living through at the moment, it seemed to give everyone a lift and that can only be a good thing.

My daughter rang me yesterday to inform me that they have decorated their lounge and are really pleased with the results.  I had some paint in my garage (which had been left over from previous decorating)  and when my son-in-law delivered some grocers to me earlier in the week, (as on-line deliveries are impossible!) he took the paint with him.  I did tell him that there was no “money back guarantee” if the paint had “gone off”, but it seems that it was OK.  They are now trying to order some more online, but this is a bit like trying to order groceries, as apparently there is a great surge of people wanting to decorate, and getting an online delivery is pretty well impossible and of course, all DIY shops are closed.

Just had someone ring my doorbell and on investigating, I find a box of wine has been left on my doorstep and it turns out to be from my son for my birthday next week, so it looks as though I will be able to celebrate being 80, even though I am alone, the only decision I have to make is which bottle to open first!  There are 6 bottles of red and 6 of white and are from France, Spain, Italy, California, and Chile – what a choice!

Well folks, that’s it for now, it’s quite difficult to think of interesting things to tell you when life has pretty well ground to a halt at the moment, but keeping in touch with friends and family has never been more important and I hope that all who read this are staying safe and well and as my Dad always used to say to us – “be good and kind and love one another”.”