Shani’s Lockdown Diary – Wednesday 8th April – Bingo Lingo!

Ok, so what have you got planned for these evenings of Semana Santa? There are no processions, no going out for Sunday lunch with our family, no family walks in the campo. Well, we have set up some fantastic virtual meetups with close friends and family. However, to get our minds off the ‘C’ word, I decided that we should play some games. So tonight we played Bingo.  Our week up to now has been pretty intense – discussing strategy, accounts and listening to online seminars with chief economists.  I felt something fun and light-hearted was the way forward.

Bingo Night

So I pulled out an old bingo set that we haven’t used for years.  We photographed the cards and sent them to our friend in Leeds who then wrote the numbers down and ticked them off as Andrew, our in-house Bingo Master picked them out of a bag. We used the app Whereby to connect – the quality was fabulous!  It was loads of fun…especially as Andrew found a list on Wikipedia that gave him the bingo lingo to use. There were so many that we hadn’t heard of before and it was actually great fun guessing which number went with which bingo ‘saying’. Here is a link – why don’t you have a go too?