Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Wednesday 8th April – 1 chicken, 4 meals

We are all learning new cooking techniques and recipes – either to pass the time or simply to make the most of the ingredients we have. I am very proud of myself this week. I bought a chicken in Mercadona and have got 4 meals from it! First was a delicious roast chicken dinner on Sunday. On Tuesday, I made chicken & vegetable parcels (very easy with shop-bought pastry :) with the leftover cooked chicken. I made four parcels, we ate two for dinner and I put two in the freezer for a dinner another day. There was still a little bit of chicken so, mixed with some mayonaise and curry powder, I made a quick coronation chicken salad for lunch today!

The children on my urbanisation had another surprise this evening when we all went out to do the 8pm clap. Olaf from Frozen had arrived in Manilva! It was the same neighbour who dressed as Minnie mouse last week – such a lovely thing to do – the kids all loved it. Everyone was singing “Do you want to build a snowman?”