A Pensioner’s Perspective – Let’s do Coffee

Here’s Marion’s latest blog about her life in Lockdown – I think this is a fantastic idea – we should all try it.

“My next door neighbour – Anne –  sent me an email a couple of days ago to suggest that we have an “outside coffee morning” on our avenue (which is a cul-de-sac) on Good Friday morning at 11 a.m (weather permitting of course)  and everyone brings a chair and a cup of coffee and has a chat – keeping social distancing of course.  I said I thought it was a brilliant idea and have contacted people on both sides of the avenue and have had a good response, so hopefully if the sun continues to shine, it should create a good and positive atmosphere.  Obviously, we can’t chat with everyone (without having a megaphone), but in the spirit of the times we are living in, it should be good fun.   I did think that some “bubbles” might have been appropriate, but think we will have to stick to coffee or soft drinks at 11 a.m in the morning!”

Marion also described the lockdown in a fantastic way “‘short term pain for long term gain” . I think that sums it up perfectly.