Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Monday 6th April –Let’s Exercise

So this is the start of week 4 of lockdown – no idea of how many days it is – not even sure what day of the week it is. One of my girlfriends sent me this which I found quite amusing and strangely appropriate


Not being able to go out for a walk is really getting to me. Before Lockdown, I was always too busy to go for my daily walk and very rarely made my 10,000 steps but I swear, once this is over, I WILL make the time to get out on a daily basis – I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world with the beach just a few minutes away so there really is no excuse.

But, the situation is that we can’t go out so we need to exercise indoors. There are so many free online fitness programs out there that I thought I should make a start (I’ve been saying that since Lockdown started!!)

I had downloaded a free full fitness program but hadn’t yet had chance to look into how it worked as yet but I was determined to start Monday morning with some exercise so I just Googled ” Easy workout for beginners” I pushed back the coffee table and put down my exercise mat – yes, I already had the mat as had had good intentions for months but it never happened :)

I selected my Workout – Joe Wicks 15 minute workout – well, I wasn’t going to be going too mad on my first one:).  I was very simple actually – I did work up a bit of a sweat and could feel my heart beating faster so I must have been doing something right. Having said that I’m not 100% sure I was doing the press ups right – my position looked nothing like Joes’ position on my computer screen :)) Here’s the video if you want to give it a go

Anyway, I managed it – which was an achievement in itself!!

Jigsaw update – Mum has finished summer:)