Shani’s Lockdown Diary – Third Weekend – 3rd-5th April – Who is most likely to ?

Weekend 3 in lockdown and finally the stats in Spain are starting to show more positive results.   Unfortunately, though, our lockdown period has been further extended till the 26th of April.  However, I was expecting it and I do believe that strict rules now are the best way to fight this virus.

To be very honest, I am very busy at home – I may need a break after lockdown. :)

So this weekend flew by again.  We had a few fiestas – virtual of course!  Friday was a busy day – Andrew and I attended a virtual seminar with over 1000 agents from all over the world.  They had some great speakers and it was truly great to listen to some highly motivating and dynamic individuals.

Friday night was fabulous as we had a virtual drink with my best friend and her partner in the UK. My friend and I go back a long way.  We went to boarding school together and her family became my ‘English’ family. They took me under their wing and I spent all my exeats with them.  Fast forward to the present day and we are still very much in touch.  They bought a holiday apartment from us and now visit Manilva often.   They were supposed to come over around three weeks ago but travel plans were canceled as we went into lockdown. So, being able to chat to them and have a glass of wine together was really lovely.

As you can see from the video below, our daughter Natasha, also livened up our weekend making us make a YouTube video.  We had loads of fun – although Andrew was very tired and couldn’t stop yawning!!!

This video was quite interesting as we discovered that we are more similar than we thought! Andrew and Tasha are two peas in a pod and Tara and I are pretty similar too!  Why not try it with your families?  Send us a link if you do!

Saturday was also a great Fiesta Day and quite emotional really – it was Andrew’s sister’s birthday. Andrew is one of 8, so we all connected from all over the world via Google Zoom to celebrate with her.  Even his parents were online – it was pretty emotional to have everyone on one screen.  Later in the day, we had a virtual call with my brother and his family in HK and my mum and Les (her partner).  That was pretty emotional too. My mum is just down the road but I haven’t seen her for almost a month now.  My brother is in HK.  We had so much fun together – we sang songs, we played charades and just had great family time.

Sunday seemed to arrive with the blink of an eye. Andrew and I spent some time going through our work contacts, accounts and discussing our strategy.