Shani’s Lockdown Diary – Monday 6th April – Thank you Mum

Well, I had a wonderful surprise today. My mum called me and said, ‘Shani, you should be getting a delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables today. I hope you don’t mind but I asked them to deliver to you. I know that you are short on vegetables’.

It felt like Christmas had come early when the delivery arrived at my door.  It was so exciting – I had been craving fresh spinach and Tália was asking me for bananas. I had rationed the eggs and bread – so when the free-range, locally produced eggs arrived and the spelt bread, it was just so exciting. So I am sending out a big thank you and virtual cuddles to my mum today.

The food came from a local business, Blue Door Market by Violeta – I think it is really great to support local businesses at a time like this.  Apart from all the products being organic, the service was excellent.  It is really wonderful to have a personalised service.  Check them out on Facebook: