Shani’s Lockdown Diary – Tuesday 7th April – Kindness goes a long way

I have spoken to a number of people over these last few days and it has struck me that this week in lockdown has made many of us really look at the reality of the situation the world is in.  It is the roller-coaster week – a yo-yo of emotions.  We seem to have evolved through stages – from the shock of sudden lockdown to trying to get a structure together, to having to face reality and accept that it is what it is.  At times like this, we can all help each other, we can all help to lift each other up.  A little love and kindness go a very long way.  And that is something we can really take away from this experience.  For every heartbreaking story I hear, I hear something really positive and special about humanity.

I ordered some vitamins for our youngest daughter, Tália. The chemist in Madrid called me to say that there were slightly less in a pack than advertised.  I told them to send them anyway and explained that she has mitochondrial disease and a compromised immune system.  The lady on the other end on the phone told me she would try and send me a gift.  The vitamins arrived and there, inside the package was a lovely ornate tin full of plasters.  I, honestly was so touched – a small gesture by someone who is very much on the frontline.

kindness quote

Similarly, the St George’s charity in Sabinillas and the Collective Calling Charity are doing amazing work in this area of the Costa del Sol delivering food and necessities to the needy.