Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Thursday 2nd April – Hubby’s new projects

As you all know, project bedroom is on hold (I might have another attempt at doing an online Leroy Merlin order at the weekend – but with a glass of wine on standby this time!:)

So Andy has now started on “project garage”. Our garage has always been divided into “His and Hers” sections. “His” section was full of his tools, gadgets and DIY materials as well as golf clubs and firewood in the winter.  My “Hers” section was my utility room and general extension to the kitchen (large freezer, spare store cupboard, etc). There was one corner of “my” section that he had claimed as his BBQ corner but I’ll let that pass :))) Although my section was never spotlessly tidy, I could at least get to everything, whereas 30 years worth of tools and gadgets had rather filled Andy’s section.  So the aim for “Project Garage” is to sort and tidy “His” section and build better storage solutions and a workbench area. I did offer to help with the sorting out, but got “that look” that said “really Debbie??”. A screw is just something that holds two things together isn’t it – apparently not. He has half a cupboard full of different types – What on earth is a Self Tapping screw???

Anyway, you may recall that I told you he has 2 new projects – well “Project Top Room” is also on the go. Just to give you some background, when we bought our house, it had a laundry room on the top level – the idea being that you do the laundry and then hang the washing straight out onto the roof terrace. It was a large room with just a sink and a washing machine in it and was just a waste as a laundry room so we, along with most of our neighbours in our street, moved the washing machine down to the garage and converted the laundry room into a 4th bedroom. Over the years, it’s been a double spare room, a kids playroom, a single spare room and a general dumping ground!! The latter has been more the case lately, so this also needed sorting. My son’s old cabin bed was in there, which had seen better days anyway, and had just become the cat’s hiding place when she wanted to be unsociable:) so stage 1 was to take the bed apart – that’s when he came up with the idea that he can reuse the wood to build storage in the garage – you could almost see the cogs ticking over as he formulated his plan:))He had previously made a wardrobe in the alcove in the top room but, again, after years of being pulled open by the kids, the doors had seen better days…so, let’s upcycle again – we can use the doors that he took off the wardrobe in our room (The cogs are turning again:).  Stage 2 – remove the old doors – we can reuse this wood too! Now at this point, I would have cut down the old wardrobe doors from our room and put them up in the top room but Andy’s cogs are turning yet again and he decides, now that the doors are off this wardrobe, he can temporarily store lots of stuff from the garage in there to give him more space to build his shelves etc in the garage. Make sense I suppose…but I wasn’t going to tell him that! Are you following me….cos I’m not sure I’m following it myself to be honest!!


I insist that he leaves the cat’s “unsociable” bed up there so she can escape – She is very grateful I think –  well, we all need a bit of “me” time now and again

Andy then starts sorting the garage, finding long lost gadgets – he comes running out holding a weird looking tool – “I’ve found my planer”. I smile sweetly “That’s good” I say – “what’s a planer??”