Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Monday 30th March – Beauty regime has disappeared

Monday morning – start of week 3 of Lockdown – day 15 (I think!)- and now it’s even stricter. The government have decreed that only essential workers can go to work. It’s completely necessary, the numbers are increasing daily but we have to stay positive – we will get through this.

We start the day with a group video call -and Shani gives us all a really good motivational speech –  I wish we had recorded it!! It’s great to see everyone – the only downside is they can see how much my beauty regime has slipped…well, more than slipped – it’s virtually non-existent :) I used to hate wearing my glasses and always wore my contact lenses but they are in the lens case and haven’t seen the light of day for 2 weeks and I’m wearing my glasses. I haven’t blow-dried my hair, painted my nails or worn makeup since lockdown – it doesn’t seem important anymore. I like to think that it’s also much better for my hair and my skin.

The day rushes past again. I really don’t know where the hours go. I made a warming cottage pie for dinner. I know we live in Spain and I have learnt to make quite a few Spanish dishes but sometimes I’m drawn back to British comfort food..and yesterday was one of those days – plus it’s one of Andy’s favourites.

Now completely out of fruit and veg and down to last few slices of bread so will have to go to the supermarket tomorrow – hopefully it will be a better experience than last time. I treated myself to a glass of wine with my dinner.

Talking of wine, I saw this video and sent it to my sister in law – I thought she might appreciate it as, like many mums, she is homeschooling my 2 nieces. Hopefully, it might help a few other mums out there :))