Shani’s Lockdown Diary – Weekend 28-29 March – My poor hands!

So, we are now on tighter control than ever. The Spanish government have tightened the lockdown rules. To find out more, check out the post below by La Voz del Resident who have detailed exactly who can work according to the law in Spanish and English.

All this lockdown is tough on individuals and the economy but I do believe it is the right thing to do.

The weekend whizzed by again, although all this handwashing has made my hands really dry and I think that I am allergic to the soap as I am coming up with some kind of eczema.  I am now trying to moisturise my hands several times a day to stop the burning and getting worse.  I am sure that so many of you are finding the same dryness. Thankfully the cream makes a big difference! I am thinking of those people out there who normally suffer from eczema….

Our first online shop arrived on Saturday – we survived on our first batch of food for a full two weeks and I am proud of that. It was like a mini-challenge I gave myself.  We have had some of the most different meals ever but it has taught me a lot.  We have bulked food out with rice! There has been no wastage and the whole family are savouring every treat that comes their way. The shopping arriving made it feel like Christmas. Andrew and Natasha hid some biscuits so that they don’t get tempted to eat them all at once.  It was like a comedy show really watching them!

Saturday night was online fiesta – we had a virtual drink with Mum and Les  – and Tara from her room.  I haven’t seen them for ages as prior to lockdown they were in Portugal.  Our virtual drink was great though  – and guess what everyone can drink.. there are no drink /driving issues.

What will next week bring I wonder?

2 more day s to go and then I can cuddle Tara…