Shani’s Lockdown Diary – Monday 30th March – Crazy household!

Well, working in our household can be pretty mad at times. Natasha decided that this was the time to cut her hair and donate it to charity. So whilst Andrew and I were in the midst of creating our Hamilton Newsletter – my daughter turns up to test our reactions to her haircut and films us at the same time. I think she expected more of a reaction from us???!!!

Until Natasha decided to grace us with her latest crazy idea, it was a fairly normal working day. I feel that Andrew is really finding the whole sitting behind the desk thing tough. He has always been out and about and viewing with clients. He loves being with people – he is really passionate about property. He loves to learn from clients, listen to their stories and nothing makes him happier than finding them something they really love. So staying at home has not been as easy for him -he has to re-invent his role. However, he has connected with several networks and is doing evening seminars and connecting with leading industry experts across the globe to try and build on his knowledge. I guess this is a time for personal development – so we are working hard to ensure that we can be there for our clients when they need us.

One more day to go till I can cuddle Tara