Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Weekend 28-29 March – Let’s Cook!

Second weekend of lockdown.

We woke up quite early on Saturday – well actually the cat woke us up – we don’t need an alarm clock in our house :) Having fed the cats (they won’t leave you alone until they get their breakfast so this always has to be the first job of the day), we had our breakfast and hubby (he is called Andy, by the way:)) disappeared upstairs to continue project bedroom. Two hours later, the floor where the wardrobe was, is now level with the rest of the floor – well, almost – we ran out of cement – he was not happy!!

I tidied up a bit downstairs and then started my project for the day. Our bed has under bed storage and this is where we store all our bed linen. When we moved our bed from our room to the spare room last week, all the bed linen was dumped onto my son’s bed.  I decided to put the bed linen back under our bed and sort it out at the same time. Some of it was quite old and never used. Of course, the cat decided she had to “help” me in this task :))

Andy emerged from our room and said “oh don’t throw any of the old ones away, they will make great dustsheets” – perfect solution – I’m all for recycling where possible

Time for dinner – The TV chef, Jamie Oliver had pulled a TV series together in a few days called ” Keep Cooking and Carry on”. It’s recipe ideas based on basic store cupboard ingredients. I looked up some of the recipes and decided to give them a go. We made homemade pizza, making our own pizza dough and ” Eggless chocolate Cake” for dessert.  The pizza was ok but the dough was a bit heavy – I prefer my son’s recipe but he is a trained chef! The chocolate cake, however, was delicious, especially served with some custard!

Plenty of cake left for a slice every day with my morning coffee :) I’ll just have to run up the stairs a few times to work off the calories!!

Thankfully, the sun came out again on Sunday.

I have a Whatsapp group with my Girlfriends so I sent a message checking everyone was ok. Almost straight away, everyone replied and we were all talking about what we were doing (lots of sorting going on in my friends’ houses too), and which were the best dramas to be watching on the TV and Netflix. One of my friends said she was sitting in her garden in shorts – that sounded like a good idea so I dug out a pair of shorts, grabbed my book and sat on the terrace. 10 minutes later, the sun went in!!! Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

I called my mum for our daily “check in”. She has finished one of the 4000 piece jigsaw puzzles. This is Spring.

She’s got Summer, Winter, and Autumn to do!