Shani’s lock down Diary – Thursday 26th March – a fox in our urbanisation!

The week is racing by  – the number of people infected with Covid19 just keeps on rising and I can’t help but wonder how long this will go on for. But, I know that it will pass.  Things are changing drastically by the day.  Hard to believe that the UK is now also on lockdown.

I know that so many people are tossing and turning at night, finding it hard to switch off.  My mum made this deep relaxation video to help people to be able to take time out and rest.  Here it is for any of you that are finding hard to unwind.

Waking up this morning was wonderful, as finally, the sun was shining.  I like to think that all those rainy days we have had have been washing away the germs.  Andrew and I had a cup of coffee on the terrace and used the time to discuss our business strategy and brainstorm our ideas.

I seem to have been doing a lot of cooking.  Today Andrew and I decided that we were craving something sweet – there was not one chocolate or biscuit around the house, so we thought hard and realised that the answer was right there in front of us.. .we had apples, sugar, flour and butter –  so we got to work and made an apple crumble.  What a treat!   Does anyone else find that working from home makes you very hungry?

Nature seems to be already appreciating the empty streets.  Andrew went out to throw the rubbish and saw a fox in our urbanisation. I have never seen a fox down here before.

Well, that is it from me for today.

Stay safe and stay well!

5 days till I can cuddle Tara …