Shani’s Lockdown Diary – Wednesday 25th March – Vinomarket Saves the Day

Well, there were two major highlights of my day today:

Highlight Number 1 – Vino is back!

Simply put, I found out that Vinomarket does delivery.  I am super excited. I contacted Richard and managed to order some wine – it is due to arrive tomorrow !!!  I contacted him via WhatsApp and it was as easy as pie.  Can’t wait till tomorrow as we have been out of red wine for what feels like an eternity.  I do really love a glass with my dinner or to unwind after a long day at home! :) His driver can leave the wine outside your doorstep so that there is no face to face contact.  Check out the details below, in case any of you are looking for a wine delivery service!



My second highlight was that Natasha tried my chickpea curry – honestly, this was a highlight because she has always point blankly refuses to eat chickpeas.  However, we are almost out of meat and fresh veg so I decided that a chickpea curry would be healthy and hearty!  I think that we are all making sacrifices and trying new things so watching her eat such a healthy dish made me happy! Did she like it?  Don’t think it was her favourite but I think she liked it more than expected.  Andrew really loved it and asked that I make it on a weekly basis and Tara sent me a message from her room where she is isolated and said, ‘Thanks Mum, that was so yummy’. It made me happy – I can sleep soundly at night knowing my family have had a healthy meal.

6 Days till I can cuddle Tara….

(Featured photo by Dragne Marius, Unsplash)