Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Friday 27th March -Music helps

Day 12 of lockdown and two “working” weeks completed.

I actually cannot believe how fast the week has gone. At the beginning of lockdown, I honestly thought that the days would drag but, in fact, the days are whizzing by – I seem to be busier than ever. If it carries on like this, lockdown will be over and we’ll all be back to normal before we know it !!

I do find music soothing and it helps me to focus when I’m doing my tasks. Some days it pure chillout music, other times it might get a bit rocky, depending on my mood. I slip between spotify and the radio (online or through Alexa). One of the Hamilton Homes team recently told me about another radio app which I have found really good. It’s called Radio Garden

Basically, it opens up a map of the world, you click wherever you want and it brings up a list of all the radio stations in that area.  Simply select the one you want to listen to…and it’s all free. I told hubby about it – whilst working on our wardrobe he’s been listening to stations in Asia, America and the UK!

Have a good weekend everyone – don’t forget the clocks go forward this weekend – one less hour on lockdown:)!!