Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Wednesday 25th March – Groundhog Day

Anyone else feel like all the days are merging into one and you don’t even know what day of the week it is? I have to keep checking the calendar on my computer!

I’m really missing the general hubbub of the office – You’d have your day planned, take a phone call, then suddenly your priorities for the day change – no day was ever the same! My variety at the moment is whether to have green tea, lemon tea or good old PG tips English tea as my first cuppa of the day :)

I did some ironing first thing… although I don’t know why… none of it will be worn. I started lockdown with all good intentions of getting dressed as if I was going to work every morning to try to keep some normality in my life. Well, that lasted about 3 days, now I’m living in my trackies – and I’d like to guess that many others are too – come on, own up :). Haven’t quite got to staying in my PJ’s all day yet…but there’s still time :)))

Time to switch on the computer and start my paperwork. The cat’s latest trick is to sit on my notebook so he is perfectly poised to steal my chair when I get up :))

The day whizzed by and it was 5.30 before I knew it! By that time, the sun had finally come out after about 10 very dull wet days. My mum sent me a message checking we were all ok so I took my phone outside and called mum whilst sitting on the terrace catching the final few rays of the sun. It was so nice to go outside and get some fresh air and feel the sun on my face. I will certainly not take this for granted anymore.

More crashing and banging can be heard from upstairs. The wall is now down and all the wardrobe floor up – and hubby is covered in dust!!