Debbie’s Lockdown diary – Weekend 21-22 March 2020 – DIY on overdrive

So we’ve done the first “working week” on lockdown and now we’re into the weekend.

Hubby has gone into full DIY mode (Not that I’m complaining – he’s very good at it :)) We’ve been converting the terrace off our bedroom into a dressing room – it’s been an ongoing project for about 3 years but now it’s finished in 3 days!! :)) So now dressing room is finished, he wants to remove the fitted wardrobes in our room to make the room bigger but in order to do this we really need to move to another room.  I don’t really do upheaval very well and am all for leaving it a few weeks but hubby is on a mission now… I’m instructed to remove all my clothes from fitted wardrobes and put into dressing room (Of course, he’d already done his clothes the day before!). Anyway, it was a good excuse to have a clear out and get rid of all the things I don’t wear.. or was keeping in the hope that I’d lose a few kilos and get back into (admit it, we’ve all done it :))

My daughter’s room is now really the spare room but still has all her bits and pieces in it. Before I have time to say anything, he’s in there with the screwdriver taking apart her desk and dismantling the bed. By the time I’ve sorted my clothes, he’s got the room cleared, ready for us to move into there while he works in our room.

Despite my desire to just chill, Sunday was spent moving our bed etc into my daughter’s room.  Spent our first night in there last night – confused the hell out of the cats :)))

As it was UK Mother’s day yesterday, I had a 3-way skype call with my mum in the UK and my daughter in Madrid. It was lovely. Normally we might only chat for half an hour or so or a quick “check in” whatsapp but we ended up chatting for over 2 1/2 hours! I really think that this lockdown is making us communicate with family and friends a lot more  – even my son who is notoriously bad at keeping in touch ( Maybe it’s a boy thing) is calling home on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, hubby has just come out of the garage with his drill …what now??!!