Hamilton Homes Lockdown diary

So, the Spanish government has extended the lockdown for a further 2 weeks -until 12th April at least. We need to all find ways to pass the time.

My parents are in the UK and following government advice are “shielding” themselves for 3 months. Fortunately, my brother lives very near and can get them anything they need. I was chatting to my Mum over the weekend and she was telling me all the things she is doing to keep occupied – apart from watching old films on the TV that she has no doubt seen at least 5 times :))

Mum and Dad are doing the crossword in the newspaper everyday..and asking google for any of the answers they don’t know and mum has ordered 4 x 4000 piece jigsaw puzzles from Amazon. That should keep them occupied for a while :)

Mum also told me that she is writing an Isolation diary. I thought it was a brilliant idea so, sorry Mum, I’m stealing your idea – and adapting it into the Hamilton Homes Lockdown diary.

We’ll be posting what we’ve done on a daily basis with a few ideas of how to relieve the boredom and hopefully with a little bit of humour. We have to keep smiling through this – we’re all in it together.

So click back to our blog every day for the Hamilton Homes Lockdown diary.

Lockdown Diary

We invite you all to join in too – let us know what you have done and your ideas to keep busy and we’ll post them on the blog too.