Shani’s Lockdown Diary – Weekend: No snacks Left!

Covid19 Lockdown

First Full Weekend in Lockdown, Casares, Costa del Sol

‘Mum!  How will we survive! There are no snacks left!’

So, this was our first full weekend in lockdown and we were absolutely mortified to find that we ate all our treats before the first week was out!!  No chocolate. No crisps. No biscuits left. No red wine…oh my gosh.  We were forced into a healthy diet.

Before lockdown, we were very practical – thinking of non-perishable foodstuffs, healthy options, and basics.  As long as we have the necessities, what more could we want?  Well, I was wrong! Whilst we have lots of sweetcorn..we have no chocolate biscuits.  So for those of you not in a tight lockdown situation, don’t forget the little treats that get you going.

Our middle daughter, Natasha is positively beside herself – she has also run out of her favourite cereal, Rellenos de Leche from Mercadona. Whilst we can go to the supermarket for basics, I really couldn’t justify going out just for treats!

Despite the above, the weekend flew by.  Our eldest daughter, Tara is in self-isolation in her bedroom. She arrived back from the UK last Tuesday so she has to be isolated for 14 days.  Can you imagine that?  Having your daughter at home and not being able to hug her?  Leaving her a tray of food and collecting her tray with rubber gloves.  Locking her door so that our youngest daughter, Tália, who is also in the high-risk category as she has Mitochondrial disease, does not run into her bedroom?  It is very surreal.  Can someone please pinch me?

Tara, on the other hand, looks very relaxed and I must say that I don’t know if I would have taken the whole situation so well at the age of 19.  She has been doing online meetings with her friends from uni to do their group coursework, is doing daily fitness exercises and is learning all the capitals in the world. One thing is for sure – once she is out of isolation, we are going to join a virtual pub quiz! 

Natasha, our middle daughter has had great fun using her creativity. She roped us into doing a few videos with her for YouTube!  Crazy I know, but it made us laugh and it is important to stay positive at times like this.  It distracts us from all the sad news we hear every day.

However, just because we are all at home, we don’t have to give up socialising.  Social media is an amazing thing. On Saturday night, Andrew had a Lad’s night out – virtually of course, with a G&T in one hand whilst chatting to his friends. On Sunday night we connected via video conference with a good friend in Leeds and all had a drink and online party together.  My daughter in her room, our friend from Leeds and the rest of us from the kitchen. Friends are important at times like this and sometimes the simplest things can make you happy and add a little spice to your day. Otherwise, it would feel like Groundhog Day.

On Sunday evening the government announced that we would need to stay in lockdown until 12th April. There are very strict measures in place but I really think they are doing the right thing. I really hope that we start to go down.