Manilva on Lockdown – how we are coping

So we are on day 4 of lockdown. I have loads of admin and paperwork to sort out so this is the perfect opportunity to get it all done so I have converted my dining room table into my office. I have borrowed the fast scanner from the office and bought down my daughter’s office chair from her room as it will be more comfortable. (Don’t worry, daughter is 25 and moved out years ago so she won’t be needing it for schoolwork! :)) 


Yes, I miss the camaraderie of the office but am getting used to “working” from home. My only problem is that every time I get up, my cat decides that my office chair is much more comfortable than the sofa – I must have to throw him off at least 5 times a day!

Working form home

And this morning my other cat decided that she wanted to curl up on my lap whilst I was doing some paperwork :)

Cat 2 working form home


Being all confined to barracks, we are more and more reliant on social media to keep in touch and find out information. In these surreal and uncertain times, I am so impressed with how the Manilva community has come together to help and support each other so I thought I would write about a few of the examples I’ve seen in the past few days of the fantastic community spirit we have here.

The staff from the Manilva delegation for sports are releasing a daily fitness video with exercises that we can all do it home although some do seem more strenuous than others :)


The Manilva education department have also organised a competition for the younger children in the area called “Colour your window” 

The children are encouraged to draw a picture which emphasizes the importance that we all stay at home, then put it in the window or hang it on the balcony, take a photo then send it privately to the Manilva town hall Facebook page

All drawings are then published on the Facebook page There is no limit to the size of the picture and it can be done in any format or technique. The competition will run until 8pm on Friday 27th March.

The education councilor has said that the main objective is to entertain the little ones and involve the older ones. The competition is more about participation rather than winning. All participants will receive a certificate and there will be a draw for lots of school supplies for their schools when classes resume 

Personally, I think this is a brilliant idea. Here are a few of the examples that have been published so far.

Mirror Mirror bar in Duquesa has organised live streaming “music bingo” and quiz nights. Simply like their Facebook page and you will be sent details of how to join in.

A great alternative to binge watching Netflix!


I have seen so many messages from people on our local English speaking Facebook group “Manilva Coffee chat” offering to help with shopping or anything else that anyone needs. This is done for no reward – just simply out of kindness. One of the local restaurant owners had a delivery of 500 eggs the other day which she obviously couldn’t use as the restaurant is closed so she offered them (12 each) to anyone who hadn’t been able to buy eggs in the past few days and then delivered them to each house, leaving them on the downstep.

McGuiness Irish bar posted this, this morning which really made me smile – taking a neighbours rubbish to the bins but in a very special way…

At 8pm each evening, everyone comes out onto their balconies or terraces and claps in appreciation of the fabulous work the health service personnel are doing for us. This is a nationwide campaign not just in Manilva. 


Last night one of my neighbours had his terrace all lit up with fairy lights and was playing “Viva España” on loudspeakers

Two weeks ago, I have no doubt that we would have all complained and told him to turn the music down but last night everyone joined in and was singing. It was so uplifting to see everyone so united.

Stay safe everyone – We are all stronger than we know and we will get through this and come out as better people.