Venta El Mirador in Casares, Spain

Venta El Mirador – Sunday Lunch in Casares

I love the tradition of Sunday lunches in Spain.  Sunday is a day of rest.  The perfect day to take a trip to the ‘campo’ ( Spanish countryside), find a nice, rustic venta, (Spanish style restaurant), and enjoy the delicious flavoursome local cooking as you sip your wine and just ‘be’. For me, it is a family day – a day to enjoy a long lunch and spend quality time with people you love. Venta El Mirador, Casares is the perfect venue for this!

Casares has so many options. However, even though there is a big choice, it is always wise to call beforehand to book a table. As Casares and the surrounding area is a popular destination for Sunday lunch, restaurants fill up very quickly.  Also, many restaurants in this area close for a  few weeks in the Winter months. Therefore, it is always best to call and double check that they are open.

Venta El Mirador, Casares

Venta El Mirador welcome sign in Casares mountains








One venue that we recently visited is the ‘Venta El Mirador’ in Casares.  You can get to this venta by either driving right up the Casares road  (MA8300) – it is around 20 minutes up from the coast or up the Manilva road ( A-3777) which is also around a 20-minute journey. Check out the map below for an exact location.

The Setting – Stunning views to Casares Village

There is a lovely outdoor terrace with stunning views across the valley to the white-washed village of Casares.

Outdoor terrace

It is beautiful to sit out here in the sun, have a drink and literally soak in the clean mountain air.  It really helps to disconnect from everything and helps to charge the batteries.  The restaurant inside is also full of charm and character – a typical rustic style dining room with a bar.  I sit in the dining room and am transported back to the real Spain.

One thing I particularly like about the restaurant is that they have a lot of round tables.  It may sound like a very basic detail but the whole round table thing just makes the whole lunch event much more social and intimate. The other thing I love is that the service is very good.  Please note, if you want a fast ‘in ‘and ‘out’ lunch place, this is not for you.  This is one where they put no pressure on you, you are expected to take your time, and savour your food, drink, surroundings, and company.

Spanish red wine

The owner, Sebastian, is very friendly and if you like to taste new wines or wines in the area, do ask him for advice.  They have a whole range of options including organic wines from the region.

The Food

The cuisine is Spanish style with a great deal of choice for all palates. There is a wide range of hot and cold starters from salads to all-time favourites like gambas pil pil (prawns pil pil) and homemade croquettes.  You then have a selection of rice dishes, soups and a big choice of meat and fish. There is also a children’s menu making it a great venue for families with kids.

Meat and chips

The food is delicious, homemade and fresh.  When we were there, Sebastian came out and showed us a basket of fresh, organic eggs that they were using in the cooking. These are the little touches that make a restaurant stand out. Check out the menu below – click on the images to see them clearly.


The Menu

Well, need I say more? If you are looking for a good place for Sunday lunch, somewhere with a view and good food, I think that  Venta El Mirador is worth a try.  Don’t forget to call before you go! The contact number is:

+34 604 267 579

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