The San Juan Festival


The festival of San Juan is one of the most famous nights in this area, and a night that you do not want to miss! All along the coast, people gather on the beach to celebrate the summer solstice. It takes place around the time of the longest day and shortest night of the year. It is celebrated every year on the eve of San Juan which is the 23rd of June. Thousands of people congregate on the beaches and enjoy massive bonfires, food, drink and the company of family and friends.



This festival stems from an old pagan ritual and the celebration itself is believed to be magical and all about change. People will be seen jumping over fires throughout the night which legend says is meant to cleanse the body and soul. At midnight, people also jump into the sea as it is said to wash away evil spirits.



The theme of the night is bonfires, many people build bonfires that burn throughout the evening. Local town halls order the creation of a giant effigy made out of wood to be burned at midnight. In the past, these statues were made to represent Judas, but now they are made more to represent positivity in the form of local, national or international celebrities. Burning these effigies is said to bring good luck. As is washing your face and feet three times after midnight to bring 3 wishes and a year of good luck.



The night of San Juan is celebrated all over Spain and shows off the wondrous culture and traditions of Spain. Be sure to take lots to drink, food to snack on and a jumper to keep you warm as you enjoy the amazing evening. There is plenty of entertainment with concerts, music and dancing to keep you enthralled until sunrise. You do not want to miss out on this spectacular event!


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