La Sal Chiringuito Casares Costa

Now it looks like the good weather is here to stay, we have set ourselves a task for our Friday staff lunches – to visit every Chiringuito from Casares to La Paloma. We are not even sure if we will have enough weeks to do this but we will have a darn good try!!

La Sal Chiringuito, Casares







Anyway, we made a start with La Sal in Casares playa. We arrived around 3pm and it was absolutely packed. They just managed to squeeze us in and there were people still waiting after us. The menu was obviously mainly fish but there were other options available. The best way to eat in a chiringuito is to order a selection of items with a salad and maybe chips and to all share. It is always better to ask if they will serve “media raciones” (half portions) which allows you to try out a larger selection of dishes and keeps the price down! Also, ask if the Chiringuito serves menu del dia.

We had, gambas pil pil (prawns in garlic and chilli),  Abedejo (fried cod), boquerones fritos (anchovies), a summer salad, a roasted pepper salad and some chips. Everything was fresh and delicious and there were no leftovers!!

This is not the cheapest Chiringuito in the area but, judging by the number of people there, customers were voting with their stomachs, not their wallets. The quality of the food and the excellent service, (attentive but not overwhelming), certainly justifies the little extra you may pay. I can certainly recommend this one and suggest that you book – it’s worth it!!!

The telephone number is 952 89 0789. We were advised to call in the morning if you require a table for lunch but for a weekend booking, at least a day’s notice is advised.


Directions to La Sal

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Address: Chiringuito Beach-Bar La Sal (9.09 km)
29690 Casares, Spain

Tel: +34 952 89 07 89

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