Sabinillas camp

Sabinillas Camp is a summer camp where everyone has fun.

There are many turns in which children can go: the first one is from the last days of June to early July and so on. There are six turns.

To get a place in this camp you  have to go to their website, print the application, fill it out and bring it to Unicaja and if there is enough space they will send you an email to tell you if you can go.

The camp lasts nine days and its very fun. The children never want to leave because in this camp they go every day to the beach or pool, do activities such as aerobics, dancing, competitions in the pool and beach and many more things. At night, there are dicos, there are more competitions and special days like the white night where all the zip wiresl are open at night and even the pool.

The food is good: in the morning there is orange juice or coco,for lunch sometimes there is pasta, hot dog, hamburger and soup for dinner or another meal.

Children of the same age sleep together in a big room full of bunk beds. The camp area is divided into low and high (low for young children and high for older).

After breakfast you can go watch the simsons. This camp is from age 7 to about 16.

If your child wants to make new friends and have fun send them to this camp!