There are some very exciting places to visit and when you come to Manilva you will probably go to them. One place that stands out is Amazonia the largest adventure park in Andalusia and the only one on the coast.

The park is well connected  to the road as it is located just off the exit Elviria.

This park is great because it’s like a big forest, it’s huge and you feel like your in your own adventure . Its for people of all ages.There’s parking around the park and when you go in you have to buy the tickets and then you can go and start. There are these kind of monitors that show you first how to work the ropes safely and then they let you work your way on your own on the easy level.

There are many levels and each one goes a bit higher and it goes by height as well. The levels are a bit like skiing(green, blue, red, black).

The park has got a bar-restaurant, a mini park for the little kids and other places. The actual part of climbing has got ropes, zip wires, slides and lots of different adventure stuff.

You can be in the park for a maximum of three hours.It opens nearly everyday but before visiting it check it’s website and get lots more information on it.

Everyone that goes to it wants to repeat it again and again and I’m sure if you have got some adventuress family you will love this park and recommend it to more people!!!