Miel is a restaurant that is located in Sabinillas and takes two minutes to get from Manilva. It’s right next to the beach, on the promenade right on the sea front and it has a very pleasant view. Sometimes it is such a splendid day that you can sometimes see dolphins. The best day to go to Miel is on a sunny day.

In summer, Miel opens every day from eight o’clock until eleven o’clock. The only day that they are closed is on Wednesdays. In the winter, they open from eight am until eleven pm but its closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Between Christmas and New Year it opens daily.

Normally you see many foreigners because they like to sit outside to sunbathe. The restaurant is Belgian but the type of food is international because it’s got everything to eat: sausages with chips or vegetables, chicken nuggets, burgers, pasta and you can even go for breakfast because there are English breakfasts, toasts and  other nice things. For dessert there are millions of things to choose from: chocolate cake, muffins and all kinds of cakes.

Best of all, the restaurant has pancakes that are really good. Most people just go to this restaurant for them. You can ask to have your pancakes with whatever you want: chocolate, sugar, ice cream, banana and everything that you like.

There is a park right next door and the kids enjoy playing in it. The parking is sometimes full but if you arrive on time you can park at the beginning and walk until you get.

This restaurant is very delicious and everything in it makes you feel happy. So call 952 936 254 now to find out more about them!