Sports Direct UK

While I’m all for shopping locally, and supporting local businesses, when you get the opportunity to save almost 80% , it’s too good to resist.

My son has recently started playing  handball, (organised lessons and matches arranged by the sports delegation of Manilva Council.)  His kit is provided for him but we have to provide him with the boots. He was playing in just trainers but the poor lad was coming home after every session with a twisted ankle so we decided to bite the bullet and get him some boots.  Went online first to check out the price in Decathon… over €110 a pair – I love him dearly but couldn’t afford that so hubby had the idea to check on Sports direct (we used them a lot when we lived in the UK) to see if, on the off chance , they would deliver to Spain. Well, what a pleasant surprise…yes, they deliver to Spain for £9.00 per order…and the required handball boots were £18.00 – works out at €22.50 a pair – big difference!! Daughters boyfriend needed a pair too, so 2 pairs of boots plus a pair of tracksuit bottoms plus postage came to 60%  less than what we would have paid for one pair of boots. Delivery was very quick too. We ordered them late afternoon on Saturday and they arrived the following Thursday via DHL.

With Christmas coming up and money tight for everyone, you might want to check out their website. If you get together with a group of friends and place a big order, you can almost loose the postage charge…