Halloween in Spain

When we first moved to Manilva over 9 years ago, Halloween wasn’t really celebrated at all. The day after, 1st November is a national holiday (all souls day) where everyone remembers their dead and a visit to the cemetery is usually in order.

However, in recent years, probably due to the ex-pat influence, Halloween is  now a bit part in the Spanish Fiestas calender. Many towns hold Halloween parties (sure there’s one in Manilva but I’ll post details later) or many people have there own party. The shops are all selling Halloween related products from costumes to cakes to decorations and party bags.

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On the night of Halloween, as soon as it gets dark, many kids can be seen doing trick or treat along the streets and often come home with a bag full of goodies. One tradition however, that I have never understood or approved of for that matter is the Egg throwing… Quite often, on the morning after Halloween, you will see remnants of smashed eggs on the street.  Can enlighten me as to why they do this and what is the significance of it???