Castaños for sale……

Whilst out shopping in Sabinillas with hubby and the kids last night, we saw the first castañero of 2012. A bit later this year, it was in September last year. It always depresses me when I see them as it means we are saying goodbye to summer and that autumn is upon us.. Havind said that it was still 25º at 7pm last night so hardly autumnal!!

A Castañero is a person who sells roasted chestnuts (Castaños). You will generally see at least one Castañero in most Spanish villages throughout the autumn and winter and, it is normally the aroma the catches your attention before you see them. The one  in Sabinillas can be found  in the small square, just down from the farmacia. He will be here most evenings now.  Prices vary but on average its about €1 for 6-8 castañas, however last night we paid €1 for 10… They are served piping hot in small paper bags and you have to try to peel them without burning your fingers!! I’m not a great fan myself but the kids (probably being more “Spanish” than me) love them….