Roast Dinners on Sundays….

Even though we live in Spain, some English traditions just have to continue and  a Sunday Roast is one of them.  My son adores  a roast dinner, especially roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings!! However, I refuse to cook it from June to September as its simply too hot to have the oven on for the 2 – 2.5 hours it takes to cook a roast.  I do offer an alternative during the summer with a chicken,roasted very early on a Sunday morning so the oven is off by 9.30 at the latest, which is then served cold later in the day with a salad.

So, seeing as it was the first weekend in October my son looked lovingly at me and asked if we could have a roast dinner… I couldn’t really refuse even though it was still 27º  so I served up roast chicken with all the trimmings, followed by home made apple pie and custard.  I must say, it went down very well and everyone enjoyed it..problem is, he’ll now want a roast dinner every Sunday!!