New Fencing school in Manilva

I must say that Manilva council offer excellent sporting facilities for the children (and adults) of the municipality.  There  are clubs and lessons run in almost every sport, with specialised teachers and coaches. It’s not just lessons, the kids get to play in matches and tournaments in their chosen sport and if the match is an away match, Manilva council even provides the transport.  My son has recently signed up for Handball for this year. I really think its good value…. Three, one hour coaching and training sessions each week between October and June, plus matches at the weekends including transport where necessary and the kit, and tracksuit all for €80.00.  Without including the weekend matches, that works out at less than a euro a lesson…. it’s great that the kids get the physical exercise they all need and drags them away from the playstations and X boxes!!

Anyway, just found out that a new sport is being offered – Fencing – the lessons take place in the “casa de la juvendad” in Manilva every Wednesday between 5pm and 6pm and then 6pm to 7pm.  For more information on this or any of the sports offered call the delagacion de juvendad y deportes on 952891532 or 651670286