Hamilton Homes attend UCI event in Malaga

Last night, the staff from Hamilton Home attended the annual UCI event and presentation held in Malaga. UCI are one of the banks we work closely with who offer up to 100% finance on their repossessed properties, or, if you are a cash buyer, will accept offer on many of their properties.

The event was held in the grounds of the Hotel Santa Catalina in Malaga. It was a beautiful setting,  the courtyard of the hotel, with plenty of trees, and fountains and great views over the Malaga mountains whilst the sun set.


It was quite a balmy night so the fact that it was outdoors was ideal.  Us girls took the opportunity to put on a posh frock and heels (although we began to regret that by the end of the evening as we were standing up most of the time!)

The format of the evening was well thought out -a wine tasting event..Basically, there were representatives from several bodegas throughout Andalucia at the event, showcasing and allowing us to sample their wines. We tried several different wines, some were delicious, other not quite so but it was good fun. As well as the wine, we got to taste so delicious serrano ham and mantego cheese which was being bought round on trays by well dressed waiters!


It was a great opportunity to meet with representatives from the bank and other agents and compare notes….