Tivoli World Benalmedena

If you fancy a good day out , why not try Tivoli World in Benalmedena. Now that the weather is cooling down (supposedly), this is the ideal time to go. Tivoli World is a show and amusement park which the whole family will enjoy. Unlike most amusement parks, where you pay quite a bit to get in and then the rides are free, which is fine if you enjoy theme park rides, but, if like me, you are not a roller-coater addict, then it is a waste of money, at Tivoli world, you pay a small entrance fee, then you either buy tokens, known as “tivolinos” which you can use to go on the rides or a wristband (supertivolino) which works out far more economical. This way, you are not paying for rides that you are not going to go on….

There are 37 rides in total ranging from the Freefall tower to the gentler children’s rides.  The rides are distributed throughout beautiful gardens, illuminated fountains and a variety of restaurant ¡s to suit every taste and budget. Obviously there are height restrictions on some of the rides.



As well as the rides, you can enjoy several different shows and entertainment, both in the main theatre and throughout the park. At the moment the Russian Circus is performing in the main theatre. You can also see “pirate shows” , “wild west” shows and flamenco shows.


During the summer months, the park is open in the evenings only from 5pm until 2am (as its way too hot to go on the rides during the day!!) Currently, and until the end of October the park is open at weekends only from 11am until 7pm.

Entrance price is €6.95 (Free entry for children less than 1m tall)

The wristband for the rides (supertivilino) which allows unlimited use of most of the rides is €14.00.

For more info check out thier website http://www.tivoli.es/_english/index.html or call 952 57 70 16