Back to school in Manilva

After 12 long week the kids are finally returning to school… The infant and primary schools went back last Monday and the secondary schools go back this coming Monday the 17th..

So, its been the usual running around, making sure they have the books (pre-ordered in July), stationary, new school bags,  ect that they need for the new term.

After 9 years in Spain with kids at school I’ve just about got it sussed, although the schools still through a spanner in the works when the book list for this year isn’t released until the first day of term so forget preparing in advance…My daughter has just one more year at school then its off to Spanish university which will no doubt be a huge adventure and learning curve for both her and me!!

I made sure my kids sorted out all their school stuff and made a list of what they needed and that was all we bought. So many years, I have made the mistake of completely kitting them out with new school materials and we end up with 4 rulers, several sets of pens and several rubbers… Times are hard so we all have to be careful – kids included.  We went off to Carrefour in Estepona, collected my daughter’s books (€120 for 4 books – thankfully son’s are free but list not up until next week ..ahhh!!) and got most of the stationary. To be honest, I would have gone to Jeni’s in the square as she is pretty much the same price as carrefour but it was just easier. Besides, we popped into Jeni’s on the way back to get pencil sharpeners (strange thing for Carrefour to run  out of..) and it was packed….

Anyway, hopefully, we’re all prepared for Monday but lets see…..